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The founder of LifeWork Consultancy & Coaching is me - Sandra Peachey - HR professional, qualified coach, public speaker and published author.

I have over 30 years of experience working in senior human resources positions across a broad spectrum of industries, in both the public and private sector.  During that time I've managed and worked on every kind of HR project - from recruitment to redundancy.

Half way through my HR career, I had a 'happy mid life crisis', deciding to add to my skill sets by learning and practicing a range of new coaching and development tools, (including gaining qualifications in NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching to Level 7) to coach and motivate individuals to get results they want, both inside and outside of the corporate world.  

I also published my first book Peachey Letters which is shortly coming out in Audiobook format - click here to be the first to get the heads-up on launch day special offers.

As well as providing consultancy across the broad spectrum of Human Resources issues, my services include business coaching, career / job search support and training. 

I also give talks on a wide range of topics, including coaching, HR and writing.

Last but not least, I'm a published author of personal development and business books, blogs and articles.

LifeWork's Services Include:

Human Resources Consultancy

People consultancy at LifeWork is about supporting businesses of all sizes with expertise and flair.

LifeWork's ethos is  to get  to know your requirements in-depth and then create solutions that suit your people and environment.  

Every business is different, and so is every solution.  Using 20 plus years of corporate know how, psychometric /occupational testing and a whole host of other proven techniques, LifeWork can create simple and elegant solutions for your people at work.

Projects to date have included terms and conditions review; recruitment of hard to fill roles; career planning and introducing a coaching culture to businesses.

Training & Development

Training and development isn't just about one day in a classroom, with a nice lunch - soon forgotten.  LifeWork provides soft skills training, along with learning plans that will work with your Company to make its' development thrive.

Projects to date have included training in performance management skills; presentation skills; how to excel at selling; and coaching for line managers.


Coaching is one of the single most effective interventions in bringing about fast and long lasting change in communications, behaviour, self awareness and productivity. It challenges and changes perceptions and provides the coachee with a set of strategies which they won't have learnt in school.

LifeWork has provided coaching for performance management, career planning, self development and emotional intelligence, in both corporate and non-corporate settings.

Job Search and Career Management

LifeWork provides a full range of resources and support, including CV Writing, Job Search and Interview Preparation - both for individual job seekers and groups, both face to face and online.

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