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Sandra Peachey was nominated for 'Coach / Mentor' and the 'One to Watch' Categories of the APTC Awards 2013 and won Damsels in Success Director of the year at the 'Women Inspiring Women' Awards 2013.


Her book 'Peachey Letters - Love Letters to Life' is available on this website, on Amazon and in all good book shops, and has garnered an amazing response from around the world.  Her second book 'The F Factor' was published in September 2103. and is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.


"Great chat with the wonderful and inspiring Sandra Peachey and yet another reminder why the Damsels in Success Community is such a great one to be a part of …" ~ Maggy Georgopoulos

“Sandra is the type of person everyone just loves being around. Strong work ethic, great personality.  She is an inspirational coach and a great listener. She enabled me to talk and work through my feelings on job seeking, but most importantly, preparation for job interviews.  I am already beginning to see the results as I am now calm and relaxed in the interview environment. I now feel totally at ease with my ability to secure the right role and my personal confidence has grown.” ~Deborah Mason

Sandie … That was AWESOME!!!! Wow, way to bring it all together! Thanks for capturing the day so beautifully.  I am still giggling after watching this video! My lovely client - Sandra Peachey made a fun compilation video from my recent photo shoot in London. Watch to see what it was like shooting 11 Damsels in Success Leaders from all over the UK in one day in the rain in Regent's Park! :-)~Christina Morassi Click to see video

♥ Thanks Sandra for capturing the love, magic and miracles that is Damsels in Success! ♥ ~ Gill Potter

Sandra takes her work seriously, in the sense that she is deeply committed to supporting the people she works with to achieve their goals and she isn't afraid to ask challenging questions to help them get there. At the same time though, she knows how to inject some light heartedness and fun into the proceedings.  ~ Helen Hobart

Just want to say a big thank you to Sandra and our group of Damsels for last nights meeting at Burton. I gained a lot of strength, energy and support from our discussions and listening to others experiences. ~Jo Westwood

FABULOUS! HURRAH for someone who has the courage to be authentic and vulnerable and real. Thank you for being you and doing what you do!Sharon Bott

Sandra worked as the Redeployment Manager for Makro, where we unfortunately had to close the Coventry store. Sandra brought professionalism, understanding and a great deal of empathy to the role for those affected.  Sandra's determinism to help others secure alternative positions was done credibly, with positive feedback from all those involved. ~ Nicola Lake, Head of Resourcing, Makro

Sandra is an inspiration and role model to others seeking to change their lives in a positive and stress free way.  She is a good listener, she is thoughtful and intelligent with the ability to to get straight to the heart of a problem or situation.  When speaking to a group she is able to draw people in, capture their attention and surprise them with an unexpected conclusion! This makes her fun and interesting. Sandra has the 'feel good' factor and is therefore energising to be around.  ~Lynne Charlton

Sandra is a committed and talented coach and facilitator. Her passion is her driving force and this shines through in her delivery. ~ Jill Burman

I felt genuine empathy, as though you've been in my place and have come through it.  I have got so many positive feelings from our sessions, it wasn't true. I'm on my way to learning from but not dwelling on the past, welcoming but not yearning for the future so it detracts from the present. I'm beginning to live in and ENJOY the now.~Jan Bradbury

Sandra is excellent at her job as leader of Damsels in Success. I always found Sandra to be very supportive, enthusiastic and her know-how was second to none.  For self-development, enthusiasm and fun, Damsels in Success and Sandra as the leader is the place to be.  ~ Avril Mitchell

Sandra was a very calm port in a stormy environment, always welcoming to any problem no matter the complexity… I would gladly work with Sandra again, and would recommend her capabilities … ~ Keith Higham

Sandra consistently works to a very high quality of output providing support and expertise in an enthusiastic, caring and compassionate manner. I have no hesitation in recommending her.  ~ Paul McDonald"

LOVE this article! Sandra Peachey writes a blog post ... it's always fun to hear about the experience of Flip Switching through the eyes of my clients!~Christina Morassi  Click to read blog.

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