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One of our most popular events is the Mind / Body Make Over Day, combining quality 'me' time for small groups, in the form of spa luxury for the body and inspirational coaching and training for the mind.  And those who want dedicated support to make amazing break throughs chose one on one VIP days, where tailored time is given to getting the roots of issues and moving you forward to your sparkling future.

Products In This Category:
The Perfect Peachey Package

The Perfect Peachey Package - £349.00

A Powerful Day of Guided Exploration, Analysis and Coaching

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The Emotional Intelligence VIP Day

The Emotional Intelligence VIP Day - £249.00

Combine Emotional Intelligence Profiling with Powerful Coaching and make the changes that you want - now!

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One to One VIP Coaching & Mentoring Day

One to One VIP Coaching & Mentoring Day - £299.00

A day dedicated to you and you alone to make the differences you want to make - in life and in business ...

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Body / Mind Bliss Day

Body / Mind Bliss Day - £249.00

Combine the Bliss of a Spa, with the Power of Coaching - to free your potential

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